Inside the bus
  • Students are asked to stay in their original seat for the duration of the ride. Bus drivers may implement a seating chart to secure student safety.Keep all parts of the body and all objects inside the bus.Students should maintain an “inside voice” when having conversation, use appropriate language, and conduct themselves in a calm manner while on the bus.All school expectations apply while on the bus.
  • Positive behavior that will not distract the bus driver from operating the bus safely is required. Student actions that endanger themselves, the driver, or other students will require disciplinary action.
  • Windows should remain closed unless the driver gives permissions for them to be open.
  • Pets and animals are allowed on the bus only if permission is granted prior to the date of transportation.
  • Keep the bus neat and clean.
  • Keep book bags, books, packages, coats, and other objects out of the aisles. Keep all body parts clear of the aisles when seated.
  • Eating is only permitted when the driver has given permission.
  • Talking is expected to stop when approaching and crossing railroad tracks.
  • Students should respect school property by never tampering with, damaging, or defacing anything in or on the bus, or any of the bus or school equipment.
  • The school district is not responsible for items left on the bus.
Entering and Exiting the Bus
  • Use emergency door only in an emergency.
  • In the event of emergency, stay on the bus and await instructions from the bus driver.
  • Athletic footwear equipped with cleats or spikes should be kept in bags until exiting the bus.
  • Observe safety precautions at all discharge points. When necessary, always cross a street in front of the bus.
  • Use the handrail when entering and exiting the bus.
  • Regular bus stops are the only place a driver will stop.
Outside of the Bus
  • All school rules apply while on at a bus stop, or waiting for the bus.
  • Be at your bus stop on time.
  • Students should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the bus.
  • For their own safety students should never crawl under a bus or run behind the bus.
  • Wear light colored clothing while waiting at a bus stop.
  • Parents are responsible to supervise students until they board the bus and upon existing the bus.